Before doing anything with a device, e.g. adding an Interface or restarting the device via CLI, it is necessary to know the SecureTrack Management ID of the device.

If this device is a simple unmanaged Firewall, finding the Management ID is quite easy by navigating to the Device List shown in Menu > Compare (in TOS Aurora: Menu > Reports > Compare Revisions).
A click into this list on the left side and pressing "t" shows the number.


When having a Firewall Management (e.g. Check Point, FortiManager, Panorama...) this list shows the Management only, not the relevant Firewalls.


In this case, the information can be retrieved by going to Menu > Settings > Administration > Licenses (in TOS Aurora: Menu > Settings > Licenses). Scrolling down to the window "Devices", click into the field, and pressing "t" delivers the Management ID of the firewall itself.

In this example, the Management has the ID 285 and the Firewalls have 286 and 287, respectively.