Using the latest versions of SecureTrack, the "good old" Topology isn't available any more.
The new Interactive Map offers more possibilities and doesn't need Flash.

Searching a path from A to B is possible inside this map.

The result is shown inline. Especially in komplex environments, the result is shown very small and many administrators have difficulties to have a "good graph for documentation". In this case, it's useful to take the REST API for the request.
The URL!/Network_Topology/getPathCalcImage shows the syntax how to request the path which is shown in the browser afterwards.

Just an easy example: We want to know the way from to using SSH. In the Interactive Map the request is configured and the result is shown. This example delivers a simple output:


The result could be much more detailed, so it might happen that the output is too small. In this case, or if a graphic file is wanted directly, the same request can be done by using this URL:


The result is a png graphic file which can be saved and easily put into a documentation.