Category: SecureTrack

When using Check Point Management R80.x besides the "normal" OPSEC connections a connect to the Check Point Management API is necessary.

How to connect Tufin SecureTrack with Check Point Management R80 is described here.

Even if the connection to the Check Point Management is ok, an error might be displayed: 
Checkpoint API client error

Testing the connection from SecureTrack using
Menu > Settings > Monitoring > Check Point Management R80 > Test Connectivity

seems successful, but the status icon of the device is yellow in SecureTrack. In Menu > Settings > Administration > Status > Check Point Management R80 > Status the error is shown and no new revisions are imported to SecureTrack.

Background information: "Test Connectivity" checks currently the OPSEC channel (used in R77.x) only. The second channel is the Management API which is necessary when monitoring R80.x.

Some troubleshooting might solve this issue. You can try one or more of the following things before restart monitoring the device:


If you have further ideas or if these items didn't help, please don't hesitate to contact us.