It's quite a good feature that reports in SecureTrack can be generated automatically and sent by E-Mail to recipients.
Sometimes the time mentioned in the reports seems to be wrong, even if following time settings are correct and all the same:

  • PC of the user  
  • SecureTrack Server
  • Monitored Device reported on

Even if all these time settings are ok, it might happen that e.g. the report is sent at 16:40 while the time in the report itself shows 17:40.

The reason for this behaviour is that PostgreSQL has another time zone configured. By default the time zone in TufinOS is "Israel".
This can be changed using these steps: 

Stop services

  • # service crond stop
  • # service tufin-jobs stop
  • # service jms stop
  • # service postgresql-9.4 stop

Edit configuration file

  • Backup and edit the file /var/lib/pgsql/9.4/data/postgresql.conf
    find the settings for
         log_timezone ='Israel'    
    = 'Israel'
    and change them to your time zone, e.g. 'UTC' or 'Europe/Berlin' (the timezone needs to be listed in /usr/share/zoneinfo)

Start services

  • # service postgresql-9.4 start
  • # service jms start
  • # service tufin-jobs start
  • # service crond start
  • # service tomcat restart

After the services are started again in the correct order, the time used in reports should be correct. Restarting tomcat is necessary because otherwise the time of ticket creation in SecureChange isn't correct.

Hint: If the postresql service doesn't start, check the correct spelling of the time zone configured.