Category: TufinOS

In November 2021 Tufin has released TufinOS 3.71. This version is available for download now in the Tufin Portal (authentication required).
Upgrading to this version requires an installed TufinOS on the machine. A clean installation is currently possible for TufinOS 3.5x and 3.60 only. From here a direct upgrade to TufinOS 3.71 is possible.

The most important features and updates are:

Even if there are no new CVEs fixed as it has been done with TufinOS 3.70, this update is recommended.
After having installed the upgrade, a restart of the httpd is necessary. This can be done by the command

   systemctl restart httpd



Please be aware that only TufinOS 3.50 to 3.71 are supported by Tufin now, i.e. older versions will also get no security-related updates.
If you still use TufinOS 2.x, the only supported version is TufinOS 2.23. In this case, an upgrade is strongly recommended since TufinOS 2.x is based on CentOS 6.x (which is supported no more).

Additional information about Security Fixes included in TufinOS is available. When hardening TufinOS please regard hints given by Tufin.