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Since some time many news have been published about Meltdown and Spectre. Exploiting these vulnerabilities might allow an unprivileged attacker to bypass conventional memory security restrictions in order to gain read access to privileged memory that would otherwise be inaccessible. Further information about these vulnerabilities can be found e.g. here:

Tufin has published a Security Advisory regarding this topic.

These versions TufinOS is affected by these vulnerabilities: TufinOS 1.8 - 1.23 as well as TufinOS 2.0 - 2.14.
Tufin has released TufinOS 2.15 which includes the corresponding patch. It's strongly recommended to update to this version.
Information about possible performance impacts can be found here.

Since TufinOS 1.x is based on CentOS 5 it's no more supported. So no patch will be provided. Upgrading from TufinOS 1.x to TufinOS 2.15 is possible and strongly recommended.

PS: Please check Release Notes which versions of TOS are compatible with TufinOS 2.15!