TufinOS is based on Linux. Here a flaw called SegmentSmack has been found. Due to the handling of special TCP Packets a Denial-of-Service (DoS) can be triggered remotely. To maintain a DoS condition, continouos two-way TCP sessions to a reachable port are required.

So if your device running TufinOS isn't reachable from untrusted sources or protected by a firewall, the risk of a DoS isn't too high. But an upgrade should be installed when availalble.

Tufin points out that all versions of TufinOS are affected (TufinOS 1.8 - 1.23 as well as TufinOS 2.0 - 2.16).
Update 30.08.2018: A patch is integrated in TufinOS 2.17 which is available now for Download.
If you are still using TufinOS 1.x please upgrade since this version isn't supported any more by Tufin.