Starting with April 2019, Tufin has published TufinOS 2.18. This version is available for download now in the Tufin Portal.
If you start a new installation, you don't need to install and upgrade TufinOS 2.15 anymore, since TufinOS 2.18 is available for clean installation (ISO or Appliance) also.

New features and updates of TufinOS 2.18 are:

  • 28 RPMs are updated to version CentOS 6.10, which is the latest version
  • Microsemi Adaptec ARCCONF Command Line Utility version 3.01.23531
  • PostgreSQL version 9.4.21-1PGDG.rhel6
  • sTunnel version 5.50
  • PAM Radius version 4.0

An updated description how to upgrade TufinOS in HA environments is available in the Tufin Portal.