Category: TufinOS

In February 2020 Tufin has released TufinOS 2.21. This version is available for download now in the Tufin Portal (authentication required). TufinOS 2.21 is available as upgrade package only ( So if you need to set up a new system, installing TufinOS 2.18 from ISO or USB is necessary before upgrading to 2.21.

New features and updates of TufinOS 2.21 are (e.g.):



Please be aware that only TufinOS 2.19 and 2.21 are supported by Tufin now, i.e. older versions will also get no security related updates.
Additional information about Security Fixes included in TufinOS 2.21 is available. When hardeing TufinOS please regard hints given by Tufin.


Important hint:
Be sure that your TOS version is compatible with the new release of PostgreSQL! You should check it in Tufin Knowledge Center before trying to upgrade.