Tufin has released the first version of the Tufin Orchestration Suite in 2018: R18-1. TOS 18-1 is available as GA now, delivering some improvements, e.g.


  • SecureTrack
    Support of AWS AssumeRole as part of the AWS Security Token Service
  • SecureTrack
    Support of the latest Microsoft Azure SDK 1.2.0

Security Policy Change Automation and Orchestration

  • SecureTrack, SecureChange
    Rule Recertification Automation by a specific workflow
  • SecureTrack, SecureChange
    Cisco Firepower Automation (including Target Suggestion, Risk Analysis, Designer and Verifier)
  • SecureChange
    New Workflow Customization Triggers (e.g. when Automatic Step fails, Pre-Assignment Script)
  • SecureChange
    Enhancements for Manual Target Selection
  • SecureTrack, SecureChange
    Stealth Rule is considered now by Designer

Security, Risk, and Compliance

  • SecureTrack
    Automatic Policy Generator (APG) for Palo Alto Panorama and Fortinet FortiManager

Devices and Platforms

  • SecureTrack
    Dynamic Routing Support for Palo Alto and Fortinet
  • SecureTrack, SecureChange
    Extended Generic NAT for Palo Alto
  • SecureTrack, SecureChange
    Topology Support for Cisco Firepower
  • Support of new devices
    • Fortinet FortiManager 5.4.4
    • Fortinet FortiGate 5.2.11
    • F5 13.0
    • Cisco Security Manager 4.15
    • Cisco Firepower 6.2.3
    • Microsoft Azure SDK 1.2.0


  • Improvements for SecureTrack
    • Parameter show_members for Network Object APIs
    • Network Topology APIs for NSX
    • Retrieve Total Available Records
    • Offline Device APIs
  • Improvements for SecureChange
    • new Tickets API - Confirm


Further improvements as well as corrections are included.
The latest version of the Tufin Orchestration Suite can be found at the Tufin Portal: https://portal.tufin.com