Tufin has released R18-3, the third version of the Tufin Orchestration Suite in 2018. TOS 18-3 is available as GA now, delivering some improvements, e.g.

Change Automation and Orchestration

  • SecuerChange
    Remove Access for VMware NSX. This kind of Workflow is available for NSX now.
  • Secure Change
    Modify Group Automation for Palo Alto Panorama Shared Objects
  • SecureChange
    Server Decommission Automation, now supported for Palo Alto Panorama Shared Objects and Cisco Firepower Management Console (FMC)
  • SecureChange
    Change Automation Enhancements for Cisco Firepower, now supporting workflows "Allow Access", "Modify Group", "Server Decommission", "Rule Decommission", and "Rule Recertification"
  • SecureChange
    Action "Commit Now" is possible in an automatic step in workflows "Access Request", "Modify Group", "Access Request and Modify Group", and "Rule Decommision" for these Devices: Palo Alto Panorama Advanced Management Mode, Fortinet FortiManager Advanced Management Mode, Check Point CMA R80. Check Point MDS R80 is only supported for "Modify Group"

Security, Risk and Compliance

  • SecureTrack
    Rule Change and Object Change Reports for Palo Alto Panorama Device Groups for Advanced Management Mode and FortiManager ADOM Policies when configured for Advanced Management Mode.
  • SecureTrack
    Enhanced Unified Security Policy (USP) Risk Analysis, e.g. configuration of Default Behavior when an IP address is not covered in the USP

Devices and Platforms

  • SecureTrack
    Fortinet FortiManager Rule Name support for FMG version 5.4 and above
  • SecureTrack
    Syslog support for Check Point R77, so traffic and audit logs can be received using LEA or syslog
  • SecureTrack
    External syslog support for VMware NSX, support of vRealize Log Insight
  • SecureTrack
    Cisco Firepower revision changes support
  • SecureTrack
    Policy-based routing (PBR) and related ACL rules support for Cisco IOS routers in the Interactive Map
  • Support of new devices
    • Cisco ASA 9.9
    • Check Point R80.20 (EA)
    • Palo Alto PanOS 8.1


  • Improvements for SecureTrack
    • Unified Returned JSON Array Format - continued
    • New Change Windows APIs
    • Get General SecureTrack Properties
    • Enhanced API for retrieving subnet information
    • Restricted pagination for Rule Search API
    • Enhanced API for Monitored Devices
    • Service Search
    • Retrieve suggested targets for an access request
  • Improvements for SecureChange
    • Commit Results
    • Modify Designer suggestion

Further improvements as well as corrections are included.
The latest version of the Tufin Orchestration Suite can be found at the Tufin Portal: https://portal.tufin.com