Tufin has launched the Tufin Marketplace.

Here you find some applications and scripts that extend the possibilities. Some of the current options are e.g.

  • Change Automation
    Apps for "Vulnerability Mitigation", "Workflow Integrator" and "ServiceNow Integration"
  • Reporting Pack
    SecureTrack Reporting Essentials
  • Network Segmentation
    Apps for integration of EfficientIP SOIDserver and Infoblox Grid Manageer
  • SecOps / Incident Response
    Some apps for intergration of products by e.g. Resilient, Splunk, Swimlane and others
  • Application Discovery
    Support of Cisco Tetration App Discovery

The list of apps offered will grow, so registering at and visiting the Tufin Marketplace may save time regarding development. Some apps are free, others need to be licensed.