Category: TOS Aurora

TOS Classic has reached its last version, R21-3. This platform is supported by Hotfixes until the End of 2022. If needed, extended support is available. In this case, you need to contact your Reseller and/or your local Tufin Sales Representative. 

TOS Aurora is the only platform for which improvements are developed. Therefore also some changes regarding devices and reports are announced or implemented. Most cases have a successor in TOS Aurora. The changes are in supported devices and reports.



Tufin SecureTrack still includes some Standard Reports e.g. "Rule and Object usage". Besides this, the free app SecureTrack Reporting Essentials is available in the Tufin Marketplace. Some of the reports are going to be removed or replaced.


Devices and features

Support of some devices and features are going to be removed in TOS Aurora. It affects e.g.