Category: Admin Management

The Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) sometimes needs to be customized. Tufin delivers some options to use an own logo, but not everywhere. Let's have a look the default options and more.



in SecureChange a user with administrative rights has access to the Settings tab in the menu. Selecting Menu > Settings > Customzation offers the use of an own logo.

At the bottom of the page is a button labeled Publish. Pressing it will change the logo used in SecureChange.

So changing the logo in SecureChange is quite easy.



By default, an own logo can be integrated for SecureTrack Reports. This is done via Menu > Settings > Configuration > Reports. The fiels Custom Logo allows to place the own logo here.

As an option, the logo can also be shown on every PDF page. The result looks quite good.


Sometimes the WebUI of SecureTrack shall also be customized. Tufin doesn't have an option for this in the Menus of SecureTrack. But changing the logo is also possible.
Requirement: PNG file with a size of 120x50 called tufin-suite-logo.png.
The following procedure is for SecureTrack R17-3 (paths may vary in other versions).

If you have your logo, make a backup of the original files before you continue. Then rename your logo to tufin-suite-logo.png and place it on the server:

Logo in the WebUI top left:

Logo for Login window:

Logo for Logout window

After having changed these settings (and cleared the browser cache), the own logo is shown in SecureTrack also.