In Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and therefore also in CentOS as well as TufinOS) a command injection flaw has been found in the NetworkManager integration script included in the DHCP Client packages.
It allows attackers spoofing responses of a DHCP Server to execute arbitrary commands with the privileges of root on vulnerable systems using NetworkManager and configured to obtain network configuration via DHCP.
Further information can be found at Red Hat under CVE-2018-1111 as well as at Tufin.

Since TufinOS 1.x isn't supported any more, no fix will be published.
In TufinOS 2.x this issue is addressed in TufinOS 2.16. Since this is the current version from now, the upgrade should also be done if no DHCP Client packages are used.

Please be aware that when using TOS in HA configuration, starting with TufinOS 2.16 the upgrade can be done in an easier way as before.