Tufin has released TOS R21-3, the third and final version of the Tufin Orchestration Suite of 2021.
TOS 21-3 is available as GA and can be downloaded from the Tufin Portal (login required) in its variants for TOS Classic and TOS Aurora.

TOS 21-3 is the last version for TOS Classic. It will be supported until the end of 2022.

This version delivers improvements, e.g.

Change Automation and Orchestration

  • Enhancements for Access Decommission
    This is supported now for Check Point R80 and Panorama.
    A new tab "Manage Related Rules" has been introduced
    as well as the option to disable and not only to remove rules.

  • Enhancements for Server Decommission and Server Cloning
    Decommission of subnets as well as IP address ranges is possible now.
    Cloning allows this kind of network objects also, including a move e.g. from a subnet to a host

 Application Driven Automation

  • SecureApp supports now User Identity
  • Application Identity is shown in Connection Status

Devices and Platforms

  • Microsoft Azure
    New supported management and firewall devices in Microsoft Azure:
    • Check Point CloudGuard Multi-Domain Server, Check Point Security Management, Check Point Gateway
    • Palo Alto Panorama and PanOS
    • Fortinet FortiManager and FortiGate
  • Fortinet
    FortiManager with Central NAT policies is supported by SecureTrack now
  • Intelligent Provisioning
    for Check Point R80 and Juniper SRX
  • New versions supported:
    • Cisco ACI 5.1
    • Cisco FMC 6.7
    • VMWare NSX-V 6.4.9
    • Forcepoint SMC 6.9 with API 6.8
    • Fortinet FortiManager 6.4.6


  • SecureTrack
    • Microsoft Azure Resouces can be imported
    • Support of "get license status"
  • SecureChange
    • Auditing of some actions is possible, e.g. LDAP or RADIUS server changes as well as changes in roles
    • Output of a list of active workflows, including name, description, and type

Further improvements, as well as corrections, are included.
The latest version of the Tufin Orchestration Suite can be found at the Tufin Portal: https://portal.tufin.com