If you use Tufin TOS Classic R21-3 you surely have seen the EOL message on the login screen. 


There might be one or another situation not allowing this message, e.g. if auditors complain about why this message is shown (and you currently cannot upgrade to TOS Aurora because SecureTrack and SecureChange need to run on different systems due to security reasons).

It is possible to remove this EOL message by a script. Just go to the CLI and call this script with root permissions:

[root]# /opt/tufin/securitysuite/scripts/eol_message_disable.sh

From then on, this message isn't shown anymore.
But - please don't forget that TOS Classic still has its EOL at the end of the year 2022 (!)


If you need this message to be shown again, access to the database is necessary. As always, never ever do anything with the database without a current backup!
To turn the message on again, issue this command to alter the field within the corresponding table:

[root]# psql -Upostgres keycloak-db -c "update custom_properties set value='false' where id='eol_message_disabled'"

(this command needs to be typed using one line only)
After having issued this command, the EOL message is turned on again.