SecureTrack has two kinds of users: "Administrator" and "User".
An "Administrator" has access to every part of SecureTrack, also to SecureTrack Topology. The permissions of this user cannot be restricted.

In TOS Classic a "User" had the possibility to access SecureTrack Topology. The requirement was that this user has permission to view "all devices". In this case, Topolgy has been shown and could be used. For sure, when a new device has been added, the permission of the user needed to be updated (because otherwise the requirement for accessing the Topology was not fulfilled).

The access to the Topology for users has been classified by Tufin as a "security flaw". Therefore, in TOS Aurora there is no possibility for a "User" to access the Topology. If this access is needed, the permissions need to be extended to "Administrator" (with all consequences). If only some information is needed, a user is able to use the API for calling specific information from the Topology. Examples of this API access are shown here:!/Network_Topology/getPathCalc!/Network_Topology/getPathCalcImage