Sometimes it might happen that the Risk for a ticket in SecureChange cannot be calculated. The message is:
SecureTrack is not responding because of either an internal error it had or broken connectivity. Check your SecureTrack settings, and if the problem persists contact Tufin support.

It's obvious that SecureChange cannot contact SecureTrack for Risk Analysis, even if the connection via
   Menu > Settings > General > SecureTrack
is working fine and delivering "success".

In TOS Classic, German Umlauts were no problem, neither in First Name nor in the Last Name of any user.
It's the same for TOS Aurora, BUT a small change has been done.

The user SecureChange uses to connect to SecureTrack must not contain any German Umlaut. If it does,

everything works - except the Risk Check in SecureChange.
Replacing the "für" with "fuer" does solve this problem and the Risk Check works as expected.